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This provides access to e-Books in the fields of Arts, Science and Technology and Social Sciences.

University of California Press has served as a bridge connecting the academic world and curious readers worldwide for over 125 years. It publishes books that shift paradigms in the arts, sciences, humanities, and social sciences, with a focus on social justice.

Hundreds of Open Access Books. Hosted by UMP's Fulcrum platform and non-profit infrastructure built by, and for, the academy. Subjects covered include Arts, Business Sciences, Health and Medicine, Science and Technology, Law and Social Sciences.

Books Online are books that have been digitized, from the University of Toronto Libraries. They are freely available online and out-of-copyright. The collection currently contains 858 titles.

USAID's Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) is the largest online resource for USAID funded technical and program documentation, with over 150000 documents available for electronic download.

VL e-Books provides access to several e-book title covering Commerce, Social Sciences, Arts and Science and Technology.

The WAC Clearing House hosts over 40 e-Books covering Literature.

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