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This simplified version of EBSCO Faculty Select includes access to OER material as well as the option to discover more than 225,000 DRM-free EBSCO eBooks.

Ebscohost is a world-renowned library providing access to more than 300,000 latest and relevant eBooks in the following subject areas: arts,architecture, business, economics, computer science, engineering, earth,environment, health sciences, history, law, political science, life sciences, literature, philosophy, religion, psychology and sociology.

Includes over 70,000 texts in history, literature, philosophy, religion, history of science.

Elgaronline includes Journals, Scholarly research monographs, Research Handbooks that offer authoritative, peer-reviewed and original works thus providing in-depth surveys across Economics, Law, Business, Management and Social Science and Political Science. It also provides reference works such as companions, dictionaries and encyclopaedias.

This collection contains commerce e-Book titles from leading authors from around the world. It provides access to business subjects such as Accounting and Finance, Economics, Insurance and Risk, Tourism and Hospitality, Marketing Management, Retail Management, Entrepreneurship and several other commerce related disciplines.