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SABINET (Southern African Bibliographical and Information Network) provides access to journal articles covering the following disciplines: Business, Finance , Law , Religion, Science, Technology , Agriculture , Social Sciences and Humanities.

This collection currently comprises 46 South African journals, which may be searched individually, and provides immediate access to the PDF versions of 6 000+ full-text articles. Of the journals in the collection, 15 appear on the Approved South African Journals list, the ISI list, or the IBSS list. New journal titles and issues are added to the collection on an ongoing basis. Some journals also contain metadata records (including abstracts) for older articles where full text is not available.

This platform will provide you with a single entry point to seamlessly search Sabinet's reference products, including OAIster, OCLC's FirstSearch Service, SA Media, SA ePublications, foreign and local dissertations- and theses databases, to name but a handful.

This database contains Law reports and Acts of Parliament from the SADC countries.

SAGE Publications is an international publisher of journals, books, and electronic media. Known for their commitment to quality and innovation, they are a world leader in scholarly publications. Sage publishes peer reviewed journals in various disciplines such as Health Sciences, Life & Biomedical Sciences, Materials Science & Engineering and Social Sciences & Humanities.